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Top Mobile App Development Guidance 2021 – Step by Step

A mobile app is a key to interact better with your users and keep your business ambitious. Small businesses can support their growth with a booming and high-function mobile app. If you are planning to get service and assistance from a mobile app development company for your business, then it’s necessary to consider the Mobile App Development Lifecycle for you to know if it will be capable for your marketing goals. The process of mobile app development is the same as Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and goes through the following steps of mobile app development.


Before initiating to develop an app, the first step is to figure out a strategy on how you will turn your idea into reality. Everyone’s aim behind building an app may alter from each other but there are some imperative criteria that everyone have to do with:

  • Analyzing the users of the application
  • Volume of Competition
  • Goals and objectives of the app
  • A platform on which app is to be developed (iOS, Android)

Your strategy will clarify how your app will look like. With this as a base, let’s get into the details of next steps of the mobile application development lifecycle.

App Planning & Analysis

At this successive stage, use cases are defined according to the functionalities; you will be conveying in your app. The mobile app development company ensures that all the requirements are fulfilled. Once the needs are identified, product guidelines are prepared.

The planning stage also includes what abilities and skills are to be used to develop the apps if you are about to develop an app only for the Android platform or both Android and iOS platforms.

You should make sure that the domain name that you have decided is not already in use.

UX/UI Design

The first impression is the last impression. The main purpose of an app’s design is that it should be attractive and perceptive as well as offer a smooth end-user experience. The more user-friendly your app is, the more are the chances of catching attention and getting hits to it and more users will be engaged.

  • App Architecture - UI design of the mobile app first defines the data the app will display, user interactions, the data it collects, and the user's journey within the app. This workflow helps to determine the navigation architecture the app will follow.
  • Wireframes - Wireframes are the introductory blueprint made digitally that represent the final design of the mobile app. They display the visual architecture of functional requirements of the app. They are a quick and cost-effective process for layout design of the app.
  • Prototyping - Prototyping is done for pretending the user experience and the workflow of the app, which will be followed ultimately. Prototypes are useful in testing design of your app and functionality at a preceding phase. Many companies practice prototyping to review the proposed functionality of the apps.

Application Development

Once the structure is decided and you have selected the technology stack to be worked upon, now it’s the time when the application development is set in motion. It goes through three elemental parts:

  • Back-end Technology - The back-end consists of database and server-side objects for supporting functions of your mobile app.
  • API - TAPI implies communication between the back-end server and the app.
  • Front-end Technology - Establishes interaction with the user.

As every development requirement is fulfilled, it is passed to an app testing team for quality assurance and to check whether the app is working as expected or not.

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